kunstagentKunstagent was conceived as an international project designed to promote art. Building a network of prominent artists, collectors and researchers is an important part of our work, which involves both artistic practice and theory. This project’s main focus is on critically thinking through the development of Western art scenes over the last few decades. Kunstagent promotes interest in peripheral art and the desire to discover a hidden avant-garde. What happens beyond the mainstream? What happens, when we question our viewing and perception habits? Kunstagent considers art promotion as a political and social commitment, combined with curiosity and openness. We want to make invisible art visible.

The exhibition programme of Kunstagent aims to provide space for the young generation of artists an unknown New York painter, an old photographer from Gleiwitz, an Iraqi-Israeli calligrapher, as well as our other artistic preferences. Kunstagent welcome all artists, irrespective of their nationality or religion, who are interested in sharing the creative experience outside the mainstream and who address the issue of the politics/media division in the contemporary world as part of their art. We are interested in all registers of art: satirical, political, post-modern, hyperrealist, abstract, interdisciplinary, poetic… Openness and curiosity, sensuality and seduction is what Kunstagent is all about. A clear profile while still maintaining subjectivity – we want to remain free and unfixed.