A walk of a little girl (Gabi) through a creaky corridor in an old apartment, opening different doors and encountering strange characters and discovering odd scenes behind each door. The famous russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova performing her dance “The Dragonfly” in 1914, scenes from “King Kong” from 1933, a Japanese Kagura dancer and Shinto-priestess dancing a ritual dance to chase away evil spirits (Miho Takayasu), an old lady reading tarot and seeing things in her cristal ball (Doris Egbirg-Kahn). In the last room there is a jetty towards a lake. The little girl flies away. Was it a daydream, a vision or reality? What really happened?

„Tarot-Reading“ was recently presented in Japan: at the Goethe Institut in Osaka, as a special guest of the reknown actress, performer and Shinto dancer Miho Takayasu and her band Mogura Kagura, as well as at the Peach Moon Art Festival at the bonsai farm of the actress, performer and activist Shoko Ito in Saitama City West District Nishiasuma.




Genre: Fairy tale / Dream journey / Surrealist experimentation
Characters: Gabi (7), Doris (89), Miho (38)
Location: an old creaky corridor in an apartment somewhere
Footage: Forest and lake – Airdolly-Shooting, Anna Pavlova performing “The Dragonfly” in 1914, scenes from “King Kong” from1933
Music: Minagawa Takushi




Filmtrailer ”Tarot-Reading“

”And what more could I possibly ask as an artist than that your most precious visions, however rare, assume sometimes the forms of my images.“
Maya Deren